Indirect Taxation

Service Tax, Value Added Tax (VAT), Central Sales Tax (CST), Excise and Customs

Indirect Taxation

We provide pragmatic solutions for a variety of organizations including multi-national corporations, large Indian corporations and small and medium enterprises.

    In India, some of the significant Indirect Taxation regulations are:

  • Service Tax (ST) regulations

  • Value Added Tax (VAT) / Central Sales Tax (CST) regulations

  • Central Excise regulations

  • Customs regulations

A well planned indirect tax strategy is essential for competitive product pricing and ensuring increased profitability. Corporate Expert has experienced teams focused on various significant indirect taxes including VAT, Service tax and CST.

    What We Do

    Some of our significant services in the Indirect Tax domain include:

  • Initial Registration: Ensuring all the information as required was duly provided in the registration process in order to avoid the delay in obtaining registration.

  • Determining the scope of Indirect Tax: This will include the determining the levy of excise duty or Service Tax on the subject product / service after analyzing the process involved in the final goods/ service. And discussion on various other available options of manufacturing process also the discussion on the bypass available if any to avoid the levy of excise with due respect to effective and competitive cost.

  • Structuring the transaction: This will include the consultancy related to structuring of the transaction in such a way, ensuring the pricing is competitive. It include the guidance in structuring the transaction for tax planning, credit availing and utilization, input service distributor, centralized registration etc. This includes analysis of various options for calculating VAT liability and ensure tax burden considering the chances of litigation. This will plays a vital role in reducing the tax burden, litigation free business and making the price of the product more competitive.

  • Periodical payment of Taxes: Ensuring the timely remittance of various tax payment on or before due dates and enabling assesses to carry out their routine task.

  • Return Verification/ Filing of returns/ filing on periodical basis of bill of entry.

  • Assistance during departmental Audit.

  • Drafting of Opinions / Clarifications of any specific query.

  • Claiming of Refunds under VAT, Excise and Service Tax law.

  • Reply to Show cause Notice and appearing before adjudication authority.

  • Conducting VAT audit and filing report in form 704.